Series Name
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date April 25, 2006
Chapter Spirited Away by Demons Chapter 4 of 4
Japanese Name Yugami
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Rena pays Keiichi a visit and begins acting strangely once again, prompting Keiichi to succumb to his paranoia and hurt her. Distressed by Keiichi's behavior, Mion attempts to apologize for keeping so many secrets about Hinamizawa from him, but he coldly rebuffs her. Later, Keiichi finds himself being followed by Rena and demands to know who caused all the murders and disappearances; Rena simply replies that it is all the work of Oyashiro. Escaping from Rena, Keiichi finds himself being chased by a mysterious group of men, who knock him out. When he awakens, he is subdued by Rena and Mion, who attempt to inject him with a syringe. In self-defense, Keiichi beats Rena and Mion to death with Satoshi's bat. He calls Oishi and tells him the murders were caused by Oyashiro, and then Keiichi, who is sure that Oyashiro is behind him, claws out his own throat. The next day, Keiichi is found dead and the police also find the bodies of Mion and Rena, and they find out that Keiichi was the one who killed them.