Series Name
Season Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Episode 7
Air date May 16, 2006
Chapter Watanagashi-hen
Japanese Name "Uso"
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Rika shows knowledge of Keiichi's actions on the night of the festival, and in a metaphorical conversation promises to help the 'little kitty cat who did something bad' on the night of the festival by making the 'big dogs' aware the 'kitty cat' had no bad intentions, and alludes to the fact that Mion is angry with Shion over what happened. She also warns Keiichi that if the same 'dog' who bit the village leader tries to bite him, he should tell her. That night Keiichi learns the village leader has gone missing, and Shion tells Keiichi over the phone she confessed to the village leader about what they did. Shion thinks it's her fault and Oyashiro's Curse got him because he had promised to help them, leading Keiichi to believe Rika is also in danger. Keiichi, Rena and Mion go to Rika and Satoko's home to find them, but they have gone missing as well. Keiichi talks with Detective Oishi again, whose account of the village leader's activities before disappearing contradict Shion's claim that she confessed to him about what they did. To top it off, Shion has been reported missing ever since the festival. Shion calls Keiichi that night, and he confronts her about who she really is, only to hear maniacal laughter before she hangs up the phone.