Series Name
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date April 18, 2006
Chapter Spirited Away by Demons Chapter 3 of 4
Japanese Name Gishin
Episode Guide
The Secret


Growing increasingly paranoid, Keiichi calls in sick for school to avoid his friends and delve deeper into the mysteries of Hinamizawa. Oishi takes Keiichi to Angel Mort for lunch, and he tells him that all of the victims of Oyashiro's curse are related to his group of friends. That night, Rena and Mion visit Keiichi and give him a box of ohagi as part of a club activity; however, one of the ohagi contains a needle, convincing Keiichi that Rena and Mion are out to get him. Returning to school the next day, Keiichi arms himself with Satoshi's baseball bat, which concerns his friends, who reveal that Satoshi had displayed similar paranoid behavior before he disappeared.