Series Name
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date April 11, 2006
Chapter Spirited Away by Demons Chapter 2 of 4
Japanese Name Kakushigoto
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The Beginning


During the annual Watanagashi festival, Keiichi is informed by Tomitake and a mysterious woman, Takano, about "Oyashiro's curse," a series of murders and disappearances that have occurred on the night of the festival for the past four years, all supposedly caused by the curse of Hinamizawa's guardian deity, Oyashiro. The next day, Keiichi is interrogated by a police detective, Oishi, and learns that Tomitake had committed suicide by clawing out his own throat, while Takano has gone missing, apparently as part of the curse. Upon becoming Oishi's informant, Keiichi notices a change in Rena and Mion's behavior and suspects them of hiding something from him, though he too is accused of keeping secrets for his ties with Oishi. Keiichi delves deeper into the history of the curse with Oishi, learning that one of the victims is Satoshi, a boy who had apparently transferred out of school in Hinamizawa before Keiichi arrived. At that point, Keiichi realizes that Rena has been eavesdropping on him the whole time.