Series Name
Season Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Episode 8
Air date May 23, 2006
Chapter Watanagashi-hen
Japanese Name "Negai"
Episode Guide
Older Brother


Keiichi and Rena suspect Mion to be behind Rika's and Satoko's disappearance, and inform detective Oishi about their theory. Keiichi and Rena confront Mion at her house because the police still don't have enough probable cause for a search warrant. Mion admits that Rika and Satoko did come over to her house the night they disappeared. She asks to have a private talk with Keiichi before the police arrest her, and she lures Keiichi to a torture chamber, where he sees Shion in the dungeon before Mion knocks him out. Mion prepares to torture Keiichi, but hears a noise and assumes Rena brought the police and tasers Keiichi unconscious. Keiichi and Shion are rescued from the torture chamber but Mion escaped. Keiichi is visited by Mion who stabs him in the stomach when he comes down to see her. Gravely wounded and in the hospital, Keiichi learns Shion has fallen to her death from her apartment. Oishi asks Keiichi if he was certain it was Mion Sonozaki that attacked him and Shion, and when he confirms it, Oishi reveals Mion's body was found dead at the bottom of the well the same day Keiichi and Shion were rescued. Oishi also reveals Miyo Takano, who was burned to death on the night of the festival, had actually died 24 hours beforehand. After Oishi leaves, Mion appears and presumably kills Keiichi.