Satoshi Hojo is a character, mostly unseen, in Higurashi no naku koro ni.He is always hinted at in most of the arcs, and is seen in person in the eye opening arc. He is Satoko Hojo's older brother. In the eye opening arc, Shion Sonazaki meets him and starts to fall in love with him.He vanishes after,in the anime, killing his aunt that tortured his beloved sister Satoko. In the manga, it is complied that he beat her to death with his baseball bat after luring her out to a junkyard by telling her about a useful piece of furniture. After doing the beating, he leaves Hinamizawa with some money he got from his job, and is never seen again. The main male protagonist of the Higurashi series, Keiichi Maebara, is often compared to Satoshi, with his good nature and paranoia. The most large difference is hair color. Keiichi and Satoshi both use a baseball bat as their weapon of choice for murder, Keiichi often using Satoshi's baseball bat after moving to Hinamizawa. The savings Satoshi used to leave Hinamizawa was actually the money he was saving to buy a big teddy bear Satoko had wanted for her birthday. Because Satoshi felt bad about Satoko's dreary life of abuse from their uncle and his wife, he had decided to save for it. The day Satoshi left Hinamizawa was a couple of days before Satoko's birthday, and he had had enough money for the bear. But Satoshi thought that Oyashiro-sama, Hinamizawa's guardian deity, was after his life, just like he took his parents' life, so in a final act of desperation to save his self, he decided to use the money to flee the sickening town.file:///Users/multimedia/Desktop/9780316123785.jpg